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are doing everything we can within the limits that the sequester gives us but as i was mentioning earlier if you have 5000 fewer border control agents you have 5000 fewer agents -- >> there will be more illegal immigrants coming in and it radar threat that terrorists could launch an attack? >> we spent the last four years with the congress putting regular amounts of personnel down to the southwest border and i know that border really well. i mean, i was the u.s. attorney in arizona and i'm from new mexico originally. i have worked that border my whole life and that border now is as secure in the last two decades. it doesn't mean we don't have more to do. there is always more to do but it's in been an unprecedented and historic effort and now because of a budget impasse, you have to begin to look at rolling back those agents and slowing hiring and getting rid of overtime which we use a lot between the ports of entry. that will have a real impact. >> just a few months ago governor jindal from louisiana was outside and he accused the president of trying to scare people. can you say for the r
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1